Self-reliance is the ability to use your own powers, ideas, skills, and resources, with or without the help of others. It’s a fundamental part of independence and a prerequisite for interdependence. Focus on at least one of these ideas every day for a month.

Matthew W. of South Africa says, “I think you are self-reliant when you don’t need your parents to do everything for you because you know how to take care of yourself.”

Self-reliance is important for everyone. When you are self-reliant, you can depend on your own skills to support yourself and to help others in your family and community.

Self-reliance will be crucial in your life. You will need it as you go on a mission, go to college, move away from home, and begin a family of your own. Start learning the skills and attitudes you need now—in your youth. You will be greatly blessed as you turn to the Lord and ask Him to help you develop those skills and attributes you’ll need in the future—and today! And as you look forward to your future, you will feel prepared and excited for the next stage of your life.

When we are self-reliant we can more quickly learn about who we are – our strengths and weaknesses. If we know ourselves we are in a better position to strengthen our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths. The self-reliant person is an independent thinker and less conforming to what society dictates. The self-reliant person makes better decisions and has more self-control. They have has more potential for greatness. Self-reliance means Independent Thinking

The self-reliant person is an independent thinker. The independent thinker is a mature thinker. Independent thinking enables more self-satisfaction and happiness. We feel more liberated when we do not have to conform to someone else’s way of thinking. How would you like to be told what to do twenty four seven?

Believe it or not we do conform to other people’s way of thinking. We are born into a society where social and political infrastructures are already established for us. Whether or not we want to admit it, it’s a form of control. The design of our homes, the clothing we wear, the music we listen to, even the entertainment we subscribe to, and not to mention the media we are saturated with, has a tendency to do our thinking for us. We go along with what has been established for us without question.

Here is a challenge:

How often do you make a decision without conforming to culture or norms?
How often do you wear clothing that wasn’t considered the latest fashion?
How often do you buy the latest gadget to feel part of the norm?
How often do you take the initiative to try something new without the suggestion of someone else?

Now thinking independently doesn’t mean you are to start a radical group or become disruptive. It means becoming informed and educated and making clear, rational decisions on your own. It means being self-reliant and trusting in your own authority to make decisions.Sign up for this self reliance program

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